Lara Schroeder on 4 food tips and 5 life tips

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4 food tips and 5 life tips with Lara


Lara has recently impressed us all when she won the Faces of Seafolly competition back in 2017 and now she is here to spread the love and joy for Positive MVMT in its entirety. 

When asked how she felt about our range Lara said, "I felt so great wearing your activewear! I went to Bondi and felt super special beause your brand is so unique compared to what everyone else is wearing".  


Here are the 4 food tips and 5 life tips from our very own ambassador - Lara Schroeder.

1. What do you eat on a daily basis to keep your figure?
Every morning I try to include at least 2 eggs in my meals (pancakes, eggs on toast or omelettes etc.). Throughout the day I like to snack on fruits and nuts to make sure that I stay full and don't overeat during my next meal. For dinner and lunch I make sure every meal has a good source of protein with a side of veggies. I try to keep carbs at a minimum but sometimes nothing beats a good pasta dish! :)


2. How often do you have a cheat meal and what is it?
It's definitely ok to have a cheat meal every now and then! Sometimes life gets busy and it might just be easier to get a takeaway meal or maybe you crave something greasy for a change. Whatever it is as long as I know I've done my exercises and drank a lot of water throughout the day then I won't feel guilty treating myself a few times a week.


3. What do you do when you're out at a restaurant with friends but you're on a diet?
People usually think that you can't stick to your diet and eat at a restaurant at the same time - this definitely isn't true! Restaurants always have healthy options - I normally get the steak/fish/chicken and swap my chips for a side of salad/veggies and if I feel like having a drink I'll order a vodka soda.


4. What do you snack on throughout the day if you're hungry?
I am definitely someone who gets hungry throughout the day so I always carry some fruit and nuts with me.



1. What is your ideal start and finish to the day?
Starting and finishing your day with a positive mindset is definitely important to me!


2. Where is the most unusual place you wear your active wear?
On a plane! I actually think my active wear is way more comfortable than my everyday clothes.


3. What are your top three tips to keep in shape?
1. Drink lots of water
2. Every little bit helps - so if you can only fit in a quick 10min workout then that's fine!
3. Eat big and well balanced meals while not being afraid to treat yourself every now and then! You deserve it!


4. How do you stay motivated to keep in shape?
Everyone has different body goals that they're trying to reach or upkeep. Whatever it is, remind yourself of where you came from, how far you've come to be where you are today and get excited about where you're going. :)


5. How do you find motivation to exercise when you've had a long day?
Doing a quick workout can actually improve your mood! So after a long day I usually put my headphones on, play some upbeat music and get going. The first step out the door is the hardest!


Words of wisdom from our Positive MVMT ambassador. If you take just 3 of these tips into consideration we're sure you will start leading a more positive and healthier life for the better. We must always strive to be the best version of ourselves to bring fulfillment into our lives...and remember! Love yourself! you are beautiful! 


Until next time :) 


Positive MVMT Founder


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